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Craft Notes: On Worldbuilding

First of all, if you're a marginalized author with a project that's polished and ready to query, I highly recommend you participate in #DVPit! If you missed it this year, just follow #DVpit's twitter feed and prepare for the next round. Lots of agents and editors participate (including me), so it's a great opportunity to find the right match for your book.

Anyway, so as a way to lead up to this year's #DVpit, the fantastic Patrice Caldwell (go follow her on Twitter!) asked me and bunch of other publishing professionals to particpate in a virtual roundtable about worldbuilding in fiction on her blog. She got us to unleash our inner craft nerds, so you definitely don't want to miss it if it's something you're working on improving. The roundtable is divided into three parts:

Part One: Why is Worldbuiding Important?

Part Two: How to Worldbuild: Structure and Details

Part Three: How to Worldbuild: Combating Biases

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